Mar 21, 2019

Wildeklawer Festival – High Schools

The 2019 Wildeklawer Rugby Tournament will again be hosted at Diamantveld Hoërskool from 01 May 2018 - 04 May 2018 with Garsfontein making a return after the fiasco of last year and Transvalia making a first appearance in 2019.

Framesby who attended the SANIX tournament in 2017 and 2017 will replace Paul Roos at the 2019 Wildeklwer. Paul Roos accepted an invitation to play at SANIX in 2019.

Articles (Click to Read)

04/09/2018 - Paul Roos Accepts Invitation To SANIX 2019

Teams to Participate in 2019

Affies, Boland Landbou, Diamantveld, Drostdy HTS, Garsfontein, Glenwood, Grey College, Helpmekaar,  MenloPark, Monnas, Noord Kaap, Oakdale, Outeniqua, Paarl Boishaai, Paarl Gimnasium, Framesby, Stellenberg, Transvalia,  Waterkloof, Welkom Gimnasium.


1stXV Fixtures 2019

01 May 2019

Stellenberg v Diamantveld

02 May 2019

Affies v Drostdy HTS

Boland Landbou v Monnas

Noord Kaap v Helpmekaar

Outeniqua v Grey College

Framesby v Menlopark

Paarl Boishaai v Glenwood

Oakdale v Garsfontein

Transvalia v Paarl Gim

Welkom Gim v Waterkloof

04 May 2019

Glenwood v Garsfontein

Monnas v Drostdy HTS

Oakdale v Menlopark

Outeniqua v Noord Kaap

Paarl Boishaai v Affies

Paarl Gim v Grey College

Framesby v Helpmekaar

Transvalia v Boland Landbou

Waterkloof v Diamantveld

Welkom Gim v Stellenberg

Junior Rugby Fixtures: u/14,u/15 and u16

02 May 2019

Affies v Drostdy HTS

EG Jansen v Stellenberg

Garsfontein v Diamantveld

Glenwood v Paarl Boishaai

Helpmekaar v Noord Kaap

Menlopark v Outeniqua

Monnas v Grey College

Paarl Gim v Transvalia

Waterkloof v Oakdale

04 May 2019

Affies v Paarl Boishaai

EG Jansen v Paarl Gim

Garsfontein v Glenwood

Helpmekaar v Grey College

Menlopark v Oakdale

Monnas v Drostdy HTS

Noord Kaap v Outeniqua

Transvalia v Stellenberg

Waterkloof v Diamantveld


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