u/18 LSEN Week


Where rugby is still played for the right reasons, rugby and friendship.  

Learners with Special Education Needs (LSEN) week will be hosted Sentraal Hoërskool 17 to 20 June 2019 and it promises to be even more exciting as in previous years with 79 boys who played in the 2018 Week hosted @ Vanderbijl Park. A National LSEN team will be selected during the tournament and will take part in the Academy Week two weeks later at Grey College.

17/06/2019 - ZA Youth Weeks - Valke Start Their Defence Of LSEN Title In Style (Click to Read) 

19/06/2019 - ZA Youth Weeks - SWD Ends Valke Reign At LSEN

20/06/2019 - ZA Youth Weeks - WP Crowned As LSEN 2019 Champions

20/06/2019 - ZA Youth Weeks - A Brilliant Week Ended In Three National Teams Selected To Represent LSEN


Valke 38-13 Blue Bulls

Gauteng XV 29-0 Golden Lions EE

Griffons 69-17 Sharks

SWD Eagles 59-29 Boland

Golden Lions 26-24 Leopards

DHL Western Province 34-18 Eastern Province

Free State 15-24 Pumas



Leopards 53-24 Free State Cheetahs

Golden Lions EE 37-5 Sharks

EP Elephants 25-17 Gauteng XV

Golden Lions 38-12 Pumas

Blue Bulls 18-14 Boland

DHL Western Province 48-17 Griffons

SWD 29-17 Valke


Golden Lions EE 15-10 Pumas

EP Elephants 31-22 Griffons

Free State Cheetahs 45-5 Sharks

Gauteng XV 52-26 Leopards

Blue Bulls 15-14 Golden Lions

Valke 43-28 Boland

DHL Western Province 53-5 SWD Eagles