A Brilliant Week Ended In Three National Teams Selected To Represent LSEN

(Photo Credit: Jorina Raath/Speedshots.co.za)

After a week of some brilliant and uncompromising rugby, three teams were selected to represent SA LSEN on various stages. The SA LSEN team, as well as the SA LSEN XV, will return to Bloemfontein in two weeks time to compete in the Academy Week while the LSEN 7's side will compete at a date still to be announced in the SA Championship.

Those who are going to underestimate the SA LSEN team will do it at their own peril. This is a team that have big bruising forwards combined by a brilliant backline. Go and make us proud.

SA LSEN: 15. Abrahams (WP), 14. Edwards (SWD), 13. Hartnick (SWD), 12. Seseane (Griffons), 11. Kiewiet (SWD), 10. Brown (SWD), 9. Seikaneng (Leopards), 8. Gossmann (WP), 7. Sebopa (Bulls), 6. Julies (WP), 5. Jonker (WP), 4. Mohlahledi (Valke), 3. Arends (Boland), 2. Kruger (WP), 1. Harmse (WP). Replacements: 16. Janse van Vuuren (Valke), 17. Hoyane (Valke), 18. Appollis (WP), 19. Swarts (Bulls), 20. Gentle (SWD), 21. Davids (WP), 22. Van Buuren (Valke), 23. Boshoff (Valke). Coach: Hurter. Assistant Coach: October. Team Manager: Peterson.

SA LSEN XV: 15. Arends (Boland), 14. Francies (WP), 13. Kongolo (WP), 12. Vangu (Lions), 11. Jones (Boland), 10. Gouws (Bulls), 9. Botha (Bulls), 8. van Eeden (Valke), 7. Kemp (EP), 6. Abdurgmaan (WP), 5. Ntopo (Griffons), 4. Viljoen (Bulls), 3. Scheepers (Valke), 2. Wilkenson (Bulls), 1. Louw (WP). Replacements: 16. Lubbe (Lions EE), 17. Sameuls (Boland), 18. Mtshapi (Lions), 19. Nortje (SWD), 20. vd Merwe (Valke), 21. vd Heever (Valke), 22. Kangudja (Lions), 23. Prins (Boland). Coach: Terblanche. Assistant Coach: Vorster. Team Manager: Fourie.

SA LSEN 7's: 12. Arends (Boland), 11. Hartnick (SWD), 10. Brown (SWD), 9. Kiewiet (SWD), 8. Seseane (Griffons), 7. Seikaneng (Leopards), 6. Boshoff (Valke), 5. Abrahams (WP), 4. Vangu (Lions), 3. Francies (WP), 2. Kongolo (WP), 1. Gossmann. Coach: Venter. Team Manager: Fourie.