Bulls U/18 Craven Week Teams Struggling With Quotas


The Bulls' record at the Craven Week has gone from hero to zero in a very short period and unfortunately, it does not look like the crop of 2019 is going to improve at all on their 2018 performance at the Craven Week. The teams that were announced to play the Lions today at Monnas in the final trial games raise a lot of questions.

Firstly I must admit that I have not seen much of the boys selected for the teams apart from the normal culprits that play for the "top teams" of Pretoria, and hopefully, I will be proved wrong. Apart from the Country District's team, less than 50% of the players selected comes from these "top teams". And this is the problem that the Bulls must address, apart from one or two players of colour that play rugby at the top schoolboy level the rest of these players selected will not be able to adapt to the speed and intensity at which the Craven Week is played.

The Lions have in Jeppe, KES and St John's a flow of players of colour that do compete at the top level and warrant their selection on merit ensuring credibility at the Craven Week. The Bulls need to identify players of colour and make sure that they attend "proper" rugby schools and although St Albans College and Pretoria Boys High have great rugby programs it is just not delivering the talent that is needed as they are seen by black talent as 2nd class with Jeppe and KES the preferred option.

The combinations selected for the A-Team is an indication of a forward dominated gameplan with 12 and 13 to carry the ball back to the forwards hoping to slow the game down and hopefully starving the other provinces from quality ball, otherwise .........

A Team: 1. Dima Lebelo (WK), 2. Jaques-Lois du Toit (AHS), 3. Gerhard vd Merwe (AHS), 4. Gyu-Flori Kibongo (CRS), 5. Simon Miller (SAC), 6. Trevor Shilane (CRS), 7.Adolf Visser (AHS), 8. Jarrod Scheepers, 9. Jurich Claasen & Divan Roelofse, 10. Justin Cross (PBHS), 11. Geraldo Flusk (Gars), 12. AJ Johnson (Gars), 13. Zeilinga Strydom (Gars), 14. N Baloyi (MP), 15. Dieter Crafford (AHS), Replacements: 16. Enrique Courtiers (MP), 17. Nolan Pienaar (MP), 18. Sbewu Fipaza (SAC), 19. Reinhardt Roets (Gars), 20. Kabelo Mushimane (CRS), 21. Lincoln Adams (MP), 22. Manyehuiso (PBHS), 23. Roland Visagie (OM).

B Team: 1. Isaac Khelo (SAC), 2. Manie Potgieter (MP), 3. Werner Kruger (AHS), 4. Christiaan Campher (AHS), 5. Reinhardt Ludwig (AHS), 6. Jacobs Rashelo (CRS), 7. Lohan Potgieter (MP), 8. Willie Potgieter (AHS), 9. Rowan Cloete (Gars), 10. Wikus Basson (Gars), 11. N Flepu (SAC), 12. Theunis Pretorius (WK), 13. Carlton Bannies (Gars), 14. Malcolm Langa (WT), 15. Keanon Damons (OV), Replacements: 16. Tiaan Lange (MP), 17. Omphile Makhafola (PBHS), 18. Reinard Nel (PBHS), 19. Renaldo Lawrence (CRS), 20. MJ Janse v Rensburg (AHS), 21. Chad-Lee Valentino (Gars), 22. H Mashebane (PBHS), Uvion vd Colf (PN)