Paarl Gim u/13 Festival – South 28-25 North


Under 13 North-South Rugby festival hosted by LaerskoolPaarl Gimnasium from 19 -22 April in Paarl. Primary schools representing the North are: Florida, Helderkruin, Kenmare, Randhart and Rooihuiskraal and the South are represented by Bastion, Paarl Gimnasium, Lochnerhof, Sunridge and Worcester.

The festival is played in a Ryder Cup format. Day one saw the South taking a 15 - 12 lead.

Day 1

The day was filled with exciting barefoot rugby. New friendships were formed and teamwork was of the essence. The game of the day was Bastion vsRooihuiskraal. It was a titanic battle till the final whistle. The final score: Bastion 31-26 Rooihuiskraal.

Results for the day:

10:30 Lochnerhof 20-14 Kenmare

11:35 Bastion 31-26 Rooihuiskraal

13:50 Worcester 7-12 Florida

14:55 Sunridge 7-47 Helderkruin

16:00 Paarl Gimnasium 33-5 Randhart

Day 2

Day 2 was played at Boland Landbou sports fields. The bigger field gave extra space to the teams with the real speedsters. Mother Nature also played her part with some rain and wind to bring more excitement to the day. The game of the day was between  Bastion vs Florida where some serious pace and skills were on display by both teams. Bastion was victorious at the final blow of the whistle. Florida played very well and was never out of the game. They led the scoreboard at halftime 14-12. Bastion scored a quick try after halftime and this was the only points for the second half. The final score was 19-14 in favour of Bastion.

Results for the day:

10:00 Sunridge 15-10 Randhart

11:05 Paarl Gimnasium 5-28 Helderkruin

13:50 Worcester 58-22 Kenmare

14:55 Bastion 19-14 Florida

16:00 Lochnerhof 15-50 Rooihuiskraal

The score at the end of day 2: SOUTH 28, NORTH 25

Day 3

The festival will commence on Monday 22 April. The final matches will be played at Paarl Gimnasium.

08:00Bastion vs Helderkruin

09:00Lochnerhof  vs Randhart

10:00Sunridge vs Florida

11:00 Worcester vs Rooihuiskraal

12:00 Paarl Gimnasium vs Kenmare


Article by: Tiaan Vorster