World Schools Festival – Day 3 Match Reviews?


A lot of criticism has been levelled at the organisers regarding the quality of the teams attending this festival and unfortunately, most of the criticism is valid and warranted but the last three matches today should provide better games, hopefully.

16:30 Monnas 48-10 John McGlashan (NZ)

Monnas won on Tuesday against Hartpury College (33-21) and should find it a bit easier against John McGlashan who lost 32-17 against Glenwood on Tuesday. Monnas will miss captain Izan Esterhuizen but their depth in the squad is of such quality that it will not influence the outcome.

John McGlashan put Monnas under pressure from the first minute of the game with a rush defence that forced Monnas to make a lot of mistakes. Monnas absorbed the initial pressure and scored three unanswered tries to end the halve in the lead with 19-7. And then it was one-way traffic with the speed at which Monnas played proving just too much for John McGlashan. An easy win with

15:00 Paarl Gim 41-12 Hartpury College (UK)

Paarl Gim played most of their second team on Tuesday and won comfortably (50-24) against the African Pacific Dragons. Hartpury College lost against Monnas on Tuesday (21-33) and should be better prepared today. I do not expect Paarl Gim to run away with this game but they should win with a 10-20 points margin.

Gim scored their first try almost from the kick-off and then Hartpury came back at the Gim boys playing a very forward dominated game, slowing the game down to a snail's pace frustrating Gims backs who had to just stand idle and watch the game. Half time score was 12-12 and game on.

The second half Hartpury changed their tactics and tried to compete with Gim at the back which resulted in five unanswered tries by Gim to win 36-12.

13:30 SACS 15-25 World Select XV

This could be an interesting game as the World Select XV won their first game 76-29 against a very average WP Invitational team. SACS also had an easy day against the Zambezi Steelers (43-24) and will have to work a lot harder against the World XV. This World XV team is mostly made up of players who SA Rugby identified and are involved with their development. SACS will have to work very hard to win.

SACS being taken apart piece by piece by this World XV team who scored tries at regular intervals. Their lead of 15-3 after 25 minutes of play was well deserved with the speed of the World XV proving to be too much for SACS. SACS as Glenwood is physically small boys and were bullied by the big boys from the World XV and if taken into account that no tries from the World Select XV were converted.

Maybe this improvement does give the organisers a hint to maybe get the boys a week earlier together to prepare properly.

12:30 Glenwood 33-10 Africa Pacific Dragons

Glenwood will end their holiday in Stellenbosch on a high note and most probably will field their 2nd stringers to avoid injuries to their stars.

The Africa Pacific Dragons have exposed some major cracks in the Glenwood team of 2018, they attacked the boys from Durbs up front and starved them of good quality ball at the back. Glenwood was in the lead with 14-5 at half time and one must also mention that they played without nine regular starters. Glenwood scored two tries in the latter part of the second half to win 33-10 with the score definately flattering them. 2019 will see Glenwood struggle up front against the top teams in the country which will cost them.

10:30 WP Inv 33-30 Zambezi Steelers

Both teams suffered some big losses on Tuesday and ........................ yes.

An entertaining match between two teams that were evenly matched and eager to win. Nice.