Lochnerhof Rawson Rugby Day


Lochnerhof Laerskool is hosting an exciting rugby day on Saturday sponsored by Rawson Properties. Several of the top primary schools in the Western Cape will attend and some exciting rugby is expected. Two 10 minutes halves will be played, so expect some exciting and very fast rugby on the day.

Lochnerhof A Field

08:05 Eikestad vs Hermanus (u/11)

08:30 Lochnerhoff vs Panorama (u/11)

08:55 Welgemoed vs Lochnerhof (u/13B)

09:25 Welgemoed vs Eikestad (u/13A)

09:50 Eikestad vs Sun Valley (u/11)

10:15 Lochnerhof vs Stellenbosch (u/11)

10:40 Lochnerhof vs Eikestad (u/13B)

11:05 Eikestad vs Lochnerhoof (u/13A)

11:30 Hermanus vs Sun Valley (u/11)

11:55 Panorame vd Stellenbosch (u/11)

12:20 Welgemoed vs Eikestad (u/13B)

12:45 Welgemoed vs L:ochnerhof (u/13A)

13:15 Winner Pool A vs Winner Pool B (U/11)

B Field

08:05 Lochnerhof A vs Lochnerhof B (u/10)

08:30 Stellenbosch vs Eikestad (u/10)

08:55 Lochnerhof B vs Sun Valley (u/10)

09:25 Lochnerhof A vs Eikstad (u/10)

10:00 Lochnerhof A vs Stellenbosch (u/10)

10:25 Eikestad vs Sun Valley (u/10)

11:00 Stellenbosch vs Sun Valley (u/10)

11:25 Eikestad vs Lochnerhof B (u/10)

12:00 Stellenbosch vs Lochnerhof B (u/10)

12:25 Lochnerhof A vs Sun Valley (u/10)

12:50 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B (u/11)

13:15 2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B (u/11)