USN Rugby Week


USN is hosting a new and exciting rugby week from 18 - 20 March at Camp Discovery, about 40km north of Pretoria. What is exciting about this week is that it caters for 1stXV, 2ndXV, 3XV, u/16A, u/16B, u/15A, u/15B and u/14A teams from various schools from South Africa as well as Pro Ed Swakop's 1stXV from Namibia. A total of 30 matches per day, with a total of 56 teams participating.

A weekend full of rugby promised with a rugby clinic on Tuesday 19 March for all the participating schools.

Time   Teams Field
09:00-10:10 70 min Jim Fouche2 vs Pta Noord2 A-Field
10:10-11:20 70 min Wagpos2 vs Noord Kaap2 A-Field
11:20-12:30 70 min Vrede1 vs Pro Ed Swakop1 A-Field
12:30-13:40 70 min Brits1 vs Rustenburg 2 A-Field
13:40-14:50 70 min Rustenburg1 vs Ermelo1 A-Field
14:50-16:00 70  min Generaal Hertzog1vs Curro Heuwelkruin1 A-Field
16:00-17:10 70 min Jim Fouche1 vs Pretoria Noord Hs1 A-Field
08:50-10:00 70min Hopetown3 vs Nog een B-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Noord Kaap u/16A  vs Pietersburg   u/16A B-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Pietersburg u/16B vs Hartebeesboort u/16A B-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Ermelo u/16A vs Rustenburg u/16B B-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Pta Noord u/16A vs Brits Hs  u/16A B-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Wagpos u/16A vs Generaal Hertzog  u/16A B-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Curro Heuwelkruin u/16A vs nog een B-Field
16:00-17:00 60min Rustenburg  u/16A  vs Jim Fouche  u/16A B-Field
09:00-10:00 60min Hopetown u/15B vs Generaal Hertzog u/15A C-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Curro Secunda u/15B vs Roseveld Hs u/15A C-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Eldoraigne u/15B vs Pta Noord  u/15A C-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Rustenburg u/15B vs Brits u/15A C-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Centurion u/15A  vs Pietersburg  u/15A C-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Eldoraigne u/15A vs Noord Kaap u/15A C-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Rustenburg  u/15A vs Jim Fouche u/15A C-Field
16:00-17:00 60min Ermelo u/15A vs Curro Heuwelkruin u/15A C-Field
09:00-10:00 60min Birchleigh u/15A vs nog een D-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Birchleigh u/14A vs nog een D-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Rustenburg u/14A  vs Noord Kaap u/14A D-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Pietersburg u/14A  vs Rustenburg(B) u/14A D-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Ermelo  u/14A vs Pta Noord u/14A D-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Jim Fouche u/14A vs Centurion u/14A D-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Brits  u/14A vs Generaal Hertzog u/14A D-Field
09:00-10:10 70 min Wagpos2 vs nog een A-Field
10:10-11:20 70 min Noord Kaap2 vs Jim Fouche2 A-Field
11:20-12:30 70 min Rustenburg2 vs Curro Heuwelkruin1 A-Field
12:30-13:40 70 min Brits1 vs Pro Ed Swakopmunt1 A-Field
13:40-14:50 70 min Vrede1 vs Generaal Hertzog1 A-Field
14:50-16:00 70  min Rustenburg1 vs Jim Fouche1 A-Field
16:00-17:10 70 min Ermelo1 vs Pta Noord1 A-Field
08:50-10:00 70min Pretoria Noord2 vs Hopetown3 B-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Wagpos u/16A vs Pietersburg u/16B B-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Pta Noord U/16A vs RustenburgU/16B B-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Brits u16A vs Curro Heuwelkruin u/16A B-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Generaal Hertzog u/16A vs nog een B-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Jim Fouche u/16A vs Pietersburg u/16 B-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Noord Kaap u16A vs Rustenburg u/16A B-Field
16:00-17:00 60min Ermelo  U/16A vs Hartebeespoort U/16A B-Field
09:00-10:00 60min Curro Secunda  u/15B vs Generaal Hertzog u/15A C-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Rustenburg u/15B vs Pta Noord u/15A C-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Curro Heuwelkruin  u/15A vs Pietersburg u/15A C-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Centurion  u/15A vs Ermelo u/15A C-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Eldoraigne  u/15A vs Jim Fouche u/15A C-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Rustenburg  u/15A vs Noord Kaap u/15A C-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Birchleigh  u/15A vs Roseveld u/15A C-Field
16:00-17:00 60min Hopetown u/15 B vs nog een C-Field
09:00-10:00 60min Eldoraigne U/15B vs Brits Hs u15/A D-Field
10:00-11:00 60min Brits u/14A vs Birchleigh u/14A D-Field
11:00-12:00 60min Generaal Hertzog u/14A vs nog een D-Field
12:00-13:00 60min Pietersburg u/14A vs Pta Noord u/14A D-Field
13:00-14:00 60min Ermelo u/14A vs Rustenburg u/14B D-Field
14:00-15:00 60min Centurion u/14A vs Noord Kaap U/14A D-Field
15:00-16:00 60min Rustenburg u/14A vs Jim Fouche U/14A D-Field