u/13 Paarl Gimnasium Tournament

09/01/2018 - Paarl Gim u/13 Tournament's Schools Announced (Click to Read)

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21/04/2019 - SA Schools - Paarl Gim u/13 Festival - South 28-25 North (Click to Read)


The primary rugby scene is hotting up and one of the most exciting events to take place in 2019 will be the inaugural Paarl Gimnasium u/13 Easter Rugby and Netball Festival that will take place from the 19th until 22nd April 2019.

Paarl Gimnasium who is known as one of the leaders of schoolboy rugby is again setting the pace with a new and exciting format for this tournament. The participating teams will be divided in a North and South team who will then compete in a Ryder Cup format competition.

The two teams will decide themselves the fixtures for each day in order to secure the most wins and points for their teams. Expect some interesting fixtures while the team captains are trying to get the edge over their opponents, with the excitement building up to the last day and with most probably the last match the decider.

The winner of this new and exciting concept will be the team that scored the most points, with a floating trophy to be handed over after the last match on the final day.



10:30 Lochnerhoff 20-14 Kenmare

11:35 Bastion 31-26 Rooihuiskraal

13:50 Worcester 07-12 Florida

14:55 Sunridge 07-47 Helderkruin

16:00 Paarl Gim 33-05 Randhart


10:00 Sunridge 15-10 Randhart

11:05 Paarl Gim 05-28 Helderkruin

13:50 Worcester 58-22 Kenmare

14:55 Bastion 19-14 Florida

16: Lochnerhoff 15-50 Rooihuiskraal


08:00 Bastion vs Helderkruin

09:00 Lochnerhof vs Randhart

10:00 Sunridge vs Florida

11:00 Worcester vs Rooihuiskraal

12:00 Paarl Gim vs Kenmare