Wesgrow Central Region Series

It is the second year of the Wesgrow Central Region Series and will take place from 02/03/2019 with the finals to be played on 20/03/2019. A need to play strength v strength in the Central Region led to this series where the top schools in the Free State, Griqualand West and Griffons regions will participate in various sports.

Diamantveld Hoërskool won the inaugural title for the 1stXV while Voortrekker Bethlehem won the overall award for the top school for all age groups.

Fixtures 2019

02/03/2019 - Goudveld 21-12 Diamantveld

09/03/2019 - Jim Fouche v Voortrekker Bethlehem

09/03/2019 - Fichardtpark v Noord Kaap

14/03/2019 - Sentraal v Witteberg

01/04/2019 - Jim Fouche v Diamantveld

06/04/2019 - Voortrekker Bethlehem v Goudveld

13/04/2019 - Sentraal v Fichardtpark

18/04/2019 - Fichardpark v Witteberg

27/04/2019  - Sentraal v Noord Kaap

18/05/2019 - Witteberg v Noord Kaap

18/05/2019 - Goudveld v Jim Fouche

18/05/2019 - Diamantveld v Voortrekker Bethlehem

13/07/2019 - Semi Final

20/07/2019 - Final