Grey High School Festival


The Grey High School Rugby Festival will take place from the 22nd of March 2019. The participating schools have not been finalised but herewith a list of confirmed schools. Some quality teams from other parts of the country to test the best the Eastern Cape can throw at them.

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18/03/2019 - South Africa - Northwood Want To Make It A Festival Of Memories 

11/03/2019 - South Africa - Grey High School Set For Thrilling Two-Day Festival 



Queen's College 27-10 St David's Marist Inanda

Stirling High School 12-80 St Stithians College

Parktown Boys 5-43 Dale College

Kingswood College 35-8 St John's College

Jeppe Boys 12-13 St Andrew's College

Selborne College 28-26 Northwood Boys

Grey High 33-14 DHS

St Alban's College 0-22 Muir College

Brandwag 22-19 St Benedict's

Graeme College 10-34 Hoer Landbouskool Marlow

Hudson Park High School 10-61 Hoerskool Framesby

Woodridge College 12-26 Itembilehle

Stirling U14A 0-22 Woodridge U14A

Northwood U14A 0-52 Selborne U14A

St John’s  U14A 12-26 Kingswood U14A

Muir U14A 24- 14 St Alban’s U14A

Grey High U14A 62-0 Jeppe U14A

Parktown  U14A 0-43 Graeme U14A

Brandwag U14A 10-12 Hudson Park U14A

St Andrew’s College U14A 0-26 Framesby U14A

St David’s U14A 0-29 Queen’s U14A

St David’s U15A 5-34 Queen’s U15A

Selborne U15A 24-38 Northwood U15A

Muir College U15A 13-22 St Alban’s U15A

Grey High U15A 38-12 Jeppe U15A

Stirling U15A 24-0 Woodridge U15A

St John’s U15A 62-5 Kingswood U15A

Stirling High U16A 10-32 St Stithians U16A

Selborne U16A 42-21 Northwood U16A

St John’s U16A 47-5 Kingswood U16A

Parktown U15A 7-14 Graeme U15A

Parktown U16A 19-21 Graeme College U16A

Muir  U16A 28-0 St Alban’s U16A

Grey High U16A 41-3 Jeppe U16A

Grey U16B 50-5 Woodridge U16A

St David’s U16A 0-17 Queen’s U16A


Hudson Park 24-14 St Benedict'

st Alban's College 10-7 Graeme College

Framesby 54-10 DHS

St Andrew's College 31-0 St John's College

Queen's College 46-24 St Stithians College

Selborne College 15-19 Jeppe Boys

Grey High 43-12 Northwood Boys

Graeme U14A 24-7 St Alban’s U14A

St Andrew’s U14A 13-13 St John’s U14A

Grey High U14A 40-0 Northwood U14A

Selborne U14A 44-5 Jeppe U14A

Queen’s U14A 17-0 Kingswood U14A

Parktown U14A 0-34 Hudson Park U14A

St David’s U14A 17-36 Muir College U14A

Grey High U14B 26-5 Stirling U14A

Graeme  U15A 10-7 St Alban’s U15A

Hudson Park U15A 34-10 Parktown U15A

St Andrew’s U15A 31-27 St John’s U15A

St David’s U15A 36-5 Kingswood U15A

Jeppe U15A 27-12 Selborne U15A

Grey High U15A 36-32 Northwood U15A

Queen’s U15A 30-15 Muir U15A

Grey High U15B 21-12 Stirling U15A

St Andrew’s  U16A 22-34 St John’s U16A

Hudson Park U16A 19-22 Parktown U16A

Queen’s U16A 31-14 St Stithians U16A

Graeme  U16A 22-0 St Alban’s U16A

St David’s U16A 27-19 Kingswood U16A

Muir  U16A 24-0 Stirling U16A

Grey U16A 27-19 Northwood U16A

Grey High U16B 45-15 Eezi Fana U16