Jan 16, 2019

Tony Stoops Rugby Festival



Venue: HS Brackenfell

Dates: Saturday 16, Monday 18 and Wednesday 20 March 2019

Alexander Road, Ashton Secondary, Bellville South, Bergvliet, Bosmansdam, Bridgton, Cederberg Academy, De Kuilen, DF Malan, Dirkie Uys, Groenberg, HTS Bellville, Humansdorp Secondary, Jan van Riebeeck, Klein Nederburg, Knysna, Langenhoven High, Lutzville, Melkbosstrand, Montana, Monument Park, New Orleans, Otto du Plessis, Paulus Joubert, Piketberg, Porterville, Schoonspruit, Swartland, Vanrhynsdorp, Victoria Park, Vredenburg, WP LSEN Invitation XV, Weston and Worcester Gym.


Fixtures and Results 2018

29-Mar-18 RSA Bellville HTS 27 - 0 Sutherland
29-Mar-18 RSA Brackenfell 27 - 14 New Orleans
29-Mar-18 RSA Bellville HTS 16 - 52 President
29-Mar-18 RSA Cederberg Academy 19 - 19 Knysna
29-Mar-18 RSA Dirkie Uys 35 - 17 Groendal
29-Mar-18 RSA Groenberg 24 - 0 Weston
29-Mar-18 RSA Hopefield 26 - 7 Otto du Plessis
29-Mar-18 RSA Langenhoven High 22 - 3 Emil Weder
29-Mar-18 RSA Lutzville 38 - 24 Ashton Sec
29-Mar-18 RSA Montana 22 - 45 Vredenburg
29-Mar-18 RSA Monument Park 24 - 10 Alexander Road
29-Mar-18 RSA Paulus Joubert 5 - 26 Bellville South
29-Mar-18 RSA Piketberg 10 - 0 De Kuilen
29-Mar-18 RSA Porterville 35 - 14 Hottentots Holland
29-Mar-18 RSA Schoonspruit 45 - 14 Oudtshoorn
29-Mar-18 RSA Swartland 17 - 29 Klein Nederburg
29-Mar-18 RSA Tygerberg 34 - 7 Bridgton
31-Mar-18 RSA Ashton 7 - 10 Paulus Joubert
31-Mar-18 RSA Brackenfell 38 - 3 Klein Nederburg
31-Mar-18 RSA Brackenfell B 18 - 0 President
31-Mar-18 RSA Bridgton 6 - 47 Hopefield
31-Mar-18 RSA Cederberg 31 - 26 Sutherland
31-Mar-18 RSA Dirkie Uys 0 - 29 Bellville South
31-Mar-18 RSA Groenberg 49 - 33 Monument Park
31-Mar-18 RSA Groendal 17 - 17 Alexander Road
31-Mar-18 RSA Hottentots Holland 0 - 42 Swartland
31-Mar-18 RSA Knysna 22 - 19 Emil Weber
31-Mar-18 RSA Lutzville 17 - 20 Vredenburg
31-Mar-18 RSA New Orleans 43 - 10 Bellville HTS
31-Mar-18 RSA Otto du Plessis 27 - 27 Langenhoven High
31-Mar-18 RSA Piketberg 24 - 17 Jan Kriel
31-Mar-18 RSA Porterville 17 - 17 Oudtshoorn
31-Mar-18 RSA Tygerberg 40 - 21 Schoonspruit
31-Mar-18 RSA Weston 17 - 19 De Kuilen
2-Apr-18 RSA Ashton 24 - 39 Alexander Road
2-Apr-18 RSA Bellville HTS 15 - 24 Bridgton
2-Apr-18 RSA Brackenfell 41 - 10 Schoonspruit
2-Apr-18 RSA Cederberg Academy 25 - 0 Montana
2-Apr-18 RSA Dirkie Uys 8 - 15 Klein Nederburg
2-Apr-18 RSA Emil Weder 9 - 20 President
2-Apr-18 RSA Hopefield 36 - 12 Groenberg
2-Apr-18 RSA Knysna 3 - 7 Sutherland
2-Apr-18 RSA Langenhoven High 19 - 26 Weston
2-Apr-18 RSA Lutzville 22 - 19 Groendal
2-Apr-18 RSA Monument Park 21 - 28 Otto du Plessis
2-Apr-18 RSA New Orleans 42 - 19 De Kuilen
2-Apr-18 RSA Paulus Joubert 25 - 21 Hottentots Holland
2-Apr-18 RSA Piketberg 21 - 5 Oudtshoorn
2-Apr-18 RSA Porterville 12 - 26 Swartland
2-Apr-18 RSA Tygerberg 15 - 28 Bellville South
2-Apr-18 RSA Vredenburg 15 - 14 Jan Kriel

In the mid-2000s Stokkies Truter (then Sports Organizer at HS Bosmansdam) and I combined our resources to present, for two years, the Pat Ambrose Festival, named after a much-loved governing body member whose legendary generosity made him an outstanding member of the Botrhasig community.


In 2007 Stokkies, now at HS President, suggested we get together again to start a new - and hopefully - more permanent festival.

And so, in 2008 the first Tony Stoops Rugby Festival, comprising just eight teams, took place at HS President.  It was such fun we decided to expand our net.  2009 saw with ten teams attend, 2010 brought us 24, which became 34 in 2011 and, believe it or not, 42 in 2012!

The festival is deliberately aimed at sides below the top tier in the Western Province plus anybody else, which seems to be mostly Bolanders, who wants to pitch in.

We were originally able to accommodate so many teams because (a) HS President could offer us four fields (b) Ben Theron, the refereeing equivalent of powdered milk, took personal charge of all the match officials and (c) all the WP and Boland sides simply drove in and out each day, making accommodation simple.

The 2013 Festival, the first at Tygerberg, involved 34 schools and was an outstanding success, thanks in no small part to the generosity of our sponsors and the accommodating nature of our host school.

C2M came on board as our major sponsors in 2014, a festival which included large doses of Noord-Kaap, Paarl Boys' High, Wynberg and Rondebosch among a field of 44 teams!

With one of Tygerberg's fields, the Welpiekamp, being decommissioned we had to slightly shorten our guest list for 2015.  On the plus side, the generous sponsorship from Spur Steak Ranches and Profin financial consultants eased our financial burden considerably.  Don't forget to visit the dedicated Festival facebook page, set by up by C2M.

In 2016 36 teams attended what proved to be the last festival to be hosted by Tygerberg.  We extend our sincere thanks to Dr Wikus Herselman and all concerned at Tygerberg, not only for giving us such a lovely home for four years, but also for being so understanding when the subject of the future had to be addressed.

Particularly encouraging was the enrolment of four teams from the northern part of the country: Pietersburg, the team of the festival, Ligbron Academy, Jeugland and Piet Retief.

The transition to Brackenfell in 2017 was as smooth as only Stokkies could make it.  33 schools participated, with Rondebosch and SACS joining us on the first day.  First-time entries included Groenberg from Grabouw, Pionier from Vryheid, Knysna and Louwville from Vredenburg.

In 2015 another of Stokkies' dreams - to send a festival selection overseas - was realised when the Tony Stoops Rhinos visited Ireland.  In 2016 the team toured Portugal and in 2017 two teams took to Scotland and the north of England.  Their exploits have appeared at the end of season posts on this site.  More details can be found on the Renosters facebook page so lovingly created and cared for by Stokkies' wife, Sanette.

We celebrate our tenth birthday at Easter 2018 and are extremely grateful and proud that both Brito's Meat Centres and Greens Plattekloof, the coffee and breakfast destination of choice on the border of the Boerewors Curtain, will both be there toasting our partnership over the years.  Brito's Meat Centres have generously agreed to be the title sponsors, while another major sponsor, Domino's Pizzas, will be sponsoring each Man of the Match (all 63 of them) with a voucher for their scrumptious products, which will be on sale at the ground.


Article by: http://www.stoopstats.co.za/

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