Feb 18, 2019

Noord Suid Derby


The Noord Suid Derby was initially held at HTS Drostdy for the first few years but it was decided that Middelburg Hoër will host the festival in 2018 as part of their 100th birthday celebrations. The festival will be hosted at Daniël Pienaar in 2019 from the 16th of March 2019.

Schools attending will be:

South: Drostdy HTS, Daniël Pienaar HTS with newcomers Nico Malan and Strand.

North: Marais Viljoen, Middelburg Hoër and Transvalia and newcomer Ben Vorster

Fixtures 2019:


Drostdy HTS v Transvalia

Strand v Middelburg Hoër

Nico Malan v Ben Vorster

Daniël Pienaar v Marais Viljoen


Strand v Marais Viljoen

Daniël Pienaar v Transvalia

Nico Malan v Middelburg Hoër

Drostdy HTS v Ben Vorster


Drostdy HTS v Marais Viljoen

Starnd v Ben Vorster

Daniël Pienaar v Middelburg Hoër

Nico Malan v Transvalia


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