St John’s Easter Festival


The 24th St John's festival will be played from 18 - 22 April 2019. The provisional teams that will attend see Paul Roos, Hilton College and Florida not attending in 2019. Paarl Boishaai, Noordheuwel, Graeme College, Stellenberg and St Charles all joining the 2019 Festival. The schools that will bring new excitement to the festival is certainly Paarl Boishaai with emerging Western Cape powerhouse Stellenberg a welcome addition. Noorheuwel who was promoted to the VirSeker Cup Competition should also make up for the absence of other Noordvaal powerhouses.

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Fixtures 2019:

Thursday - 18/04/2019

11:30 Combined New South Wales 22-7 St Alban's

12:40 Graeme College 24-37 Windhoek Gym

13:50 Paarl Boishaai 66-07 Lions Invitational XV

15:00 St Charles 22-0 Daniël Pienaar

16:10 Nelspruit 27-7 St David's

18:10 Helpmekaar 10-08 Stellenberg

19:20 St John's 17-7 Noordheuwel

Saturday - 20/04/2019

08:15 St David's 12-19 Lions Invitational

09h25 St Charles 10-19 Graeme

10h35 Noordheuwel 19-38 New South Wales

11h45 St Alban's 19-33 Helpmekaar

14:00 Stellenberg 13-5 Nelspruit

15h10 St John's 19-0 Daniël Pienaar (Shortened)

16h20 Paarl Boishaai 64-0 Windhoek Gym

Monday 22/04/2019

10:50 Daniël Pienaar 15-07 Graeme College

12:00 Nelspruit 0-40 Paarl Boishaai


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