Graeme Rugby Day


The Graeme Rugby Day will be hosted at Graeme College on 16 March 2019. A rugby day that is known for its perfect matchups ensuring a fun day full of competitive rugby and certainly one of the favourites of Big performances are expected from Grey High, Selborne with SACS making their first appearance against St Andrew's College.

Schools not attending are Union, Cambridge, Brandwag, Nico Malan with Nathaniel Nyaluza, Eben Olivier, Port Alfred and SACS making their first appearance.



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11/03/2019 - South Africa - Graeme ready To Fire At Annual Rugby Day


Graeme Rugby Day fixtures: March 16

Somerset Field

8.00     Mary Waters 12-7 PJ Olivier

9/10     Port Alfred High 19-07 Muir

10.20   Queen’s 8-40 Framesby

11.30   Grey High 57-3 Hudson Park

12.40   Marlow Agricultural 33-19 Selborne

13.50   St Andrew’s 27-13 SACS

15.00  Kingswood 31-0 Pearson

16.10   Graeme College 14-14 Dale College


Marais A field

8.00     Graeme U15 v Dale

9.00     Grey U15 v Hudson Park

10.00   Grey U16 v Hudson Park

11.00   Kingswood U16 v Selborne

12.00   Graeme 3rd v Nathaniel Nyaluza 1st

13.00   Cambridge U16 v Albany Development


Marais B field

8.00     Graeme U14 v Dale

9.00     Grey U14 v Hudson Park

10.00   St Andrew’s U14 v Cambridge

11.00   St Andrew’s U16 v Pearson

12.00   Muir U14 v Queen’s

13.00   Muir U16 v Queen’s

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