Feb 18, 2019

Blue Bulls Prestige Schools Evening

The 2019 edition of the Blue Bulls Prestige evening will take place on 5 March 2019. It is a shortened game with running subs.


20h35 - Garsfontein v Boland Landbou

19h40 - Affies v Middelburg HTS

18h45 - Menlopark v Voortrekker Bethlehem

17h50 - Oos Moot v Welkom Gim

17h00 - Overkruin v Pietersburg (Loftus B)

16h55 - Jeppe v Kempton Park

16H00 - Waterkloof v Ben Vorster

15h05 - Montana v Drostdy HTS

14h10 - Diamantveld v EG Jansen

13h15 - Frikkie Meyer v Pta Boys High

12h20 - Zwartkop v Duineveld

11h25 - Monnas v Goudveld

10h30 - Noordheuwel v Pretoria Technical High

09h35 - St Albans v Potch Gim

08h40 - Curro Heuwelkruin v Witteberg

07h45 - Ben Viljoen v Sentraal


2018 Fixtures and Match Reports

21:00 - Menlopark 10-45 Boland Landbou

Menlopark's dream time against the very poor and struggling Boland Landbou, if you ever can take Olaf Bergh coach of Boland seriously. This should be an exciting match with both teams willing to throw the ball around. Menlopark might just pray for the high altitude effect to kick in the second half as Boland Landbou is here for one reason, winning.

Match Report:

The first 5 minutes of the game saw both sides running hard at each other trying to dominate the other. The defence on both sides was incredible with Menlopark who blinked first. Boland Landbou scored two "long distance" tries in quick succession with their backline just that little bit faster, more accurate and direct than that of Menlopark. The referee discovered a yellow card and issued it twice against Boland Landbou. This, however, only served as motivation for the boys in black as they did not concede any points while their players were in the cooler. Boland Landbou kept the pressure on scoring one long distance try after the other. Halftime score Boland Landbou 30-0 Menlo Park.

Although Melopark threw everything at Boland Landbou in the second half their defence held. Menlopark scored their first try after 10 minutes in the second half after continued pressure. Boland Landbou deserved winners with 45-10


Boland Landbou 45 (30) – Tries: Sebastian de Klerk (2), Gavin Mills, Bertus Baard, Tehan du Plessis, Darren Hendricks, Eugene Snyders, Erik Lamprecht, Handro-Daniel van der Merwe. 

Menlopark 10 (0) – Tries: Nsuku Baloyi (2).

20:00 - Affies 30-5 HTS Middelburg

Affies only finished their trials on Saturday and there are still a lot of questions. Middelburg HTS already played their first game last Saturday and although they lost against Rustenburg 24-25, they will be ready for the "Wit Bulle". I expect a very close first half but do expect Affies to put on the afterburners in the second half.

Match Report:

The first 5 minutes or so was very even but after that, it was Affies who took control. Middelburg HTS did not have an answer for the pure speed and aggression of the Wit Bulle. After the initial onslaught by Affies Middelburg HTS managed to put together a few phases and started to look better. Unfortunately, this Affies side was in a foul mood, attacking from anywhere on the field, scoring almost at will. Affies was in complete control at halftime with 20-0 in front.

The second half Affies started to play a structured game, and although not that spectacular still very effective.  This Affies team will be one of the top teams and any defence that will blink will pay. Speed galore. Such a pity that an Affies v Garsfontein is not on the cards.


Affies 30 (20) – Tries: Jason Scheepers (2), Jacques-Louis du Toit (2), Pierre Fourie, Eric Sherman.

HTS Middelburg 5 (0) – Try: Vincent Roos.

19:00 - Garsfontein 45-0 Voortrekker (Bethlehem)

Voortrekker will not even want to go to Menlyn for the movies after this one. I am often criticised for my belief in Garsfontein, but this could be their biggest year yet.

Match Report: 

The game started with Garsfontein immediately taking control keeping Voortrekker in their own half with clever kicks. Garsfontein was very patient in their build-up and almost scored when they decided to do so. Voortrekker managed to reach the 25 of Garsfontein only once in the entire first half. Garsfontein leading at the break with 25-0.

The second half was total domination by Garsfontein, brilliant team coach brilliantly.


Garsfontein 45 (25) – Tries: Diego Appollis (3), Jurich Claassens (2), Keagan Johannes, Juandre Buitendag, Allen Kelbrick, Campwill Willemse.

Voortrekker (Bethlehem) 0 (0).

18:00 - Monument 10-5 Welkom Gimnasium

Although Welkom Gim completely demolished Marlow in the second half this past weekend I do not think they possess the manpower up front to contain the massive Monnas pack. Monnas just have too much talent, game breakers and grunt to allow Welkom Gim in the game. Definately a big win for Monnas.

Match Report:

Monnas controlled the game with their big pack with Welkom Gim who tried their best to create something from the crumbs that came their way.  Welkom Gim attacked whenever they got a chance with only desperate defence from Monnas that prevented them to score. Monnas was in the lead with 5-0 at the end of the first half, while Welkom Gim maybe also deserved a try for their efforts.

The second half was a boring affair with Monnas controlling the ball and territory without doing much more. This was a game that will be remembered more for its mistakes and lost opportunities than anything else.


Monument 10 (5) – Tries: Ruben Barnard, Douw Scheepers. 

Welkom Gimnasium 5 (0) – Tries: JP de Kock.

17:00 - Waterkloof 25-30 Transvalia

And the revenge of the politics. Transvalia who was promoted to the Cup section of the VirSeker Cup in place of a suspended/withdrawn Waterkloof will ensure a very physical game with both sides who will want to make a statement. Waterkloof had an iffy start against Montana Hoër on Saturday will face a Transvalia team with no match time. Waterkloof should be able to win this one. Even if only just.

Match Report:

Transvalia showed exactly why their inclusion in the VirSeker Cup Division is deserved. The dominated the first half with Waterkloof who scored two opportunistic tries. Transvalia deserved to be in the lead 20-10 at the break.

Unfortunately, the second half became a one for me and one for you affair, with both teams throwing the ball around as if there was no tomorrow. A very exciting match at the end with Transvalia who managed to keep the 10 point winning margin throughout the game and winning the game deservedly with 5 points after a Waterkloof try at the end of the match.


Transvalia 30 (15) - Tries: Uli Wiese (2), Nicky Nicholenas, Zian de Jager, Damian Jordan, Bernard du Plessis.

Waterkloof 25 (10) - Tries: Divan Roelofse (3), Renaldo Kuppen, Julian Bogner.

16:00 - Pretoria Boys' High 15-20 Diamantveld

Then the fight between the Dames brothers. Diamantveld drew against Fichardtpark and had an easy win against Sentraal this year already with Pretoria Boys High yet to play a game. BUT, taking into account the way Pretoria Boys High ended their season in 2017 this game should be a cracker. With Pretoria Boys High on home turf, they should be the favourites, but Jaco and his team will come well prepared.

Match Report:

It was clear in the opening minutes of the game that it was not Diamantveld's first game of the year. Diamantveld camping in Boys High,s 25 early in the first half. After the initial 10 minutes of the game, the two teams were the first playing rugby that was entertaining. They attacked whenever the opportunity presented itself BUT both teams actual thinking while they played. This match maybe did not live up to expectations of the crowd but it was a proper rugby game. No popcorn. The sides were level at 5 all at halftime.

Diamantveld started the second half as they did the first when they scored a quick try. Diamantveld took control in the second half and scored three unanswered tries in the first 10 minutes of the second half before Pretoria Boys High could reply. Boys High came back with 10 minutes left and camped in Diamantveld's half. Diamantveld the "deserved" winner but Boys High is a much better team than the one of 2017.


Diamantveld 20 (5) - Tries: Keenan Beckett, Cole Arnoldus, Charlie Louw, Ruan Vink. 

Pretoria Boys' High 15 (5) - Tries: Jamie Nortje (3). 

15:00 - EG Jansen 30-15 Frikkie Meyer

Both EG Jansen and Frikkie Meyer lost their 1st games of 2018. EG Jansen lost 15-35 against a very good Garsfontein side with Frikkie Meyer narrowingly losing to Ben Vorster with 30-27. This would be an interesting match to see how close a gap of 50 rankings points really is. But EG Jansen who played well against Garsfontein with the score against Garsfontein maybe not reflecting the game on the field should win this one.

Match Report:

Eg Jansen was definitely the "smaller" pack of forwards, struggling in the early scrums. Frikkie Meyer not using their advantage of big forwards in the first half. Frikkie Meyer scored two late tries in the first half levelling the score at 10 points all. The first half of the match dominated by Frikkie Meyer's forwards and EG Jansen's backline.

EG Jansen thrived when the game lost all structure with Dylan Schwartz, their key pin breaking the defence of Frikkie Meyer seemingly at will. The last 10 minutes of the second half was played by 30 very tired boys when EG Jansen just having the edge in the loose. EG Jansen "missing" that "fieta" edge we all got used to in recent years but do not underestimate them.


EG Jansen 30 (10) - Tries: Tylon Kotze, Dwayne Lubbe, Dylan Schwartz, Dian Coetzee, Xander Schwartzer, Craig Hutchinson.

Frikkie Meyer 15 (10) - Tries: Tsimi Nemavola, William Thulare, Diaan Coetsee.

14:00 - Zwartkop 20-20 Duineveld

This should be two evenly matched teams with Zwartkop with the home advantage

Match Report:

A very close game with both teams playing good exciting rugby with Zwartkop just enjoying the territorial advantage. Zwartkop just in the lead with 10-5 at halftime. Duineberg won the second half taking control of the game scoring 15 points in the second half against the 5 of Zwartkop. A draw maybe the just result.


Zwartkop 20 (10) - Tries: Jean Aucamp, Kyle van Deventer, Romario Dias, Nog Een.

Duineveld 20 (5) - Tries: Hans Visser (2), Cameron van Rhyn, Linton Maritz.

13:00 - Oos-Moot 25-5 Witteberg

Oos Moot should win this with ease as Witteberg's rugby is not as competitive. But it is a new year and a new team. Who knows.

Match Report:

Oos Moot playing a very structured game with two or three runners after every ruck. Although they were smaller than Witteberg up front they controlled the scrums putting Witteberg under constant pressure. Oos Moot "controlling" much of the game was in the lead 10-0 at halftime.

The second half more or less followed the pattern of the first but special mention must be made of Witteberg's defence. Maybe the score the correct reflection of the game, unfortunately, it does not reflect the guts of the Witterberg defenders.


Oos-Moot 25 (10) - Tries: Heinrich van Tonder (2), Ruan Bezuidenhout, Renier Vos, Tian Bezuidenhout.

Witteberg 5 (0) - Try: Motseki Mosikidi.

12:00 - Kempton Park 15-35 Jeppe

It will be the first time Kempton Park and Jeppe will play in a game this year. I do think that the organisers maybe just let it slip here. Jeppe who are expected to challenge for at least a Top 20 spot should have way too much for Kempies to handle. I hope I am wrong but this could become messy.

Match Report:

Kempton Park was intent on showing their critics wrong by starting the game putting the higher rate Jeppe under constant pressure. After absorbing the initial pressure Jeppe scored the first try slowly wrestling the control away from Kempton Park. Jeppe leading 25-0 at halftime. Yep it is becoming messy.

Kempton Park came back in the second half and showed some guts scoring the last two tries of the match. Jeppe easy winner 35-15, but not messy.


Jeppe High School for Boys' 35 (25) - Tries: Muzi Manyike (2), H Monteiro (2), S Shongwe, C Harvey, J Coetzee.

Kempton Park 15 (0) - Tries: Ruben Fullard (2), John Anderson.

11:00 - St Alban's College 35-5 Potchefstroom Gimnasium

St Alban's is showing every year an improvement in representation when the provincial sides are picked and with Kennedy Tsimba in his 3rd year as head coach Potch Gim can expect a quality side that will attack at every opportunity. Potch Gimnasium will not be a walkover but I do expect St Alban's to win .............. comfortably.

Match Report

St Alban's is definately improving every year by playing proper structured rugby just having the better players in every position. St Alban's was leading 15-5 at halftime. The match became a bit boring with St Alban's controlling every aspect of the game.


St Alban's College 35 (20) - Tries: Wilfred Munda (2), Rhys Fulford (2), Keelan Watkins, Thabang Mogadima, Siseko Mvenya.

Potchefstroom Gimnasium 5 (5) - Tries: Dirkie Louw.

10:00 - Curro Heuwelkruin 15-5 Pretoria THS 

This should be quite an interesting game with the Curro schools improving every year by leaps and bounds and with Pretoria Technical High close to Loftus who is involved with the training at the school. Pretoria Technical High has shown the past two years to be very competitive and they do not know the meaning of giving up.

Match Report

First minutes of this match lived up to the phrase "popcorn rugby" with a lot of activity with little substance. As soon as Curro introduced some structure they started controlling the game. Both teams were more interested in throwing the ball around rather than playing constructive rugby or defence. Curro Heuwelkruin leading 10-0 at halftime.

Unfortunately, a boring game that reminded a lot of a primary school match with Curro Heuwelkruin winning.


Goudveld-Hoërskool 30 (15) - Tries: Craig Colby (2), Doohan van Pletzen, Ruben Liebenberg, Rian Olivier, Leonard Jacobs.

Noordheuwel 20 (10) - Tries: Wian van Heerden (2), Camron Janse van Vuuren,  Ruan Kotze.

09:00 - Noordheuwel 20-30 Goudveld

Noordheuwel is expecting a big 2018 if we take their fixture list into account. Goudveld, unfortunately, is going in to be for a big wake up call and Noordheuwel should win this one with ease.

Match Report

Noordheuwel started the game putting immediate pressure on Goudveld. Goudveld scrum, however, provided Goudveld with plenty of possession and penalties although they were a lot smaller. Goudveld targeted the channel next to the mauls and won several metres each time after the first offload to one of their explosive backline players. Goudveld scored first after continued pressure on the Noordheuwel goal line.  Goudveld's forwards were the difference between the two teams in the first half. Noordheuwel scored just before halftime but Goudveld control possession in the 1st half leading 15-10 at halftime.

The second half started off as the first ended with Goudveld maybe losing the structure in their game that proved successful in the first half. the pace of the second half slowing down a lot on a very hot morning in Pretoria.

If this is what Noorheuwel is going to bring to the table, taking their fixture list into account it is going to be a very long season. Goudveld is a very well coached team with the forwards to provide the adequate ball to a smooth a skilful backline.


Curro Heuwelkruin 15 (10) – Tries: Reece Wynne (2), Godwin Maloleke. 

Pretoria THS 5 (0) – Trie: Trevor Shitlhane.


The Bulls announced a bumper pack fixture list for the annual Blue Bulls Prestige to be hosted at Loftus Versfeld on the 6th of March 2018 evening with a number of top schools accepting an invitation to attend. Teams will play 20 minutes per half with no kicks to the poles allowed.

Boland Landbou will be the first school from the Western Cape to attend and will play against a Menlopark of which great things are expected in 2018. Affies will be joining this festival for the first time when they take the short walk to Loftus across the road to meet Middelburg HTS at 20h00 in the second last match of the day.

The Dames brothers will meet at 16h00 with the Jaco the coach of Diamantveld the favourite against brother Rudi who coaches Pretoria Boys High. It will also be the first steps of the season of a Jeppe side of whom a lot is expected for 2018, they will meet Kempton Park at 12h00.

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