Wynberg Rugby Festival



The Wynberg Rugby Festival 2019 will be played on 21,23 and 25 March 2019 at Wynberg Boys' High School. The following schools have confirmed their participation and the final fixture list will be announced soon.

24 January 2018 - South Africa - Wynberg Rugby Festival Cancelled Due To Drought In Western Cape (Click to Read)




Tygerberg 1stXV vs Pearson 1stXV

San Isidro (Arg) 1stXV vs KES 1stXV

Silverhurst A

Bishops u/16A vs Tygerberg u/16A

Rondebosch u/16A vs KES u/16A

Parel Vallei u/16A vs Fish Hoek u/16A

Wynberg u/16A vs Pearson u/16A

Silverhurst B

Rondebosch u/14A vs Windhoek Gym u/14A

Wynberg u/15A vs Windhoek HS u/15A

Rondebosch u/15A vs Windhoek Gym u15A

Fish Hoeh u/15A vs Tygerberg u/15A

Bishops u/15A vs KES u/15A

Silverhurst C

Wynberg u/14A vs Windhoek HS u/14A

Fish Hoek u/14A vs Tygerberg u/14A

Bishops u/14A vs KES u/14A



Tygerberg 1stXV 12-66 Rondebosch 1stXV

San Isidro (Arg) 1stXV 31-33 Glenwood 1stXV

Wynberg 18-27 KES

Silverhurst A

SACS u/16A 24-0 Tygerberg u/16A

Wynberg u/16A 14-13 KES u/16A

Milnerton u/16A 0-31 Rondebosch u/16A

Bishops u/16A 17-19 Pearson u/16A

Silverhurst B

SACS u/15A 21-14 Windhoek Gym u/15A

Wynberg u/15A 10-7 KES u/15A

Bishops u/15A 12-8 Windhoek HS u/15A

Rondebosch u/15A 26-0 Tygerberg u/15A

Silverhurst C

Wynberg u/14A 12-24 KES u/14A

Bishops u/14A 12-10 Windhoek HS u/14A

Rondebosch u/14A 64-0 Tygerberg u/14A

SACS u/14A 7-12 Windhoek Gym u/14A



Tygerberg 19-17 Soweto Schools

Langa High 5-50 Fish Hoek

Milnerton 1stXV 12-41 Parel Vallei 1stXV

Rondebosch 1stXV 26-34 Isidro (Arg) 1stXV

Wynberg 1stXV 53-10 Pearson 1stXV

KES istXV 36-48 Glenwood 1stXV

Silverhurst A

KES u/16A 12-22Bishops u/16A

Wynberg u/16A 61-15 Tygerberg u/16A

SACS u/16A 50-5 Milnerton u/16A

Silverhurst B

Rondebosch u/16A 8-7 Person u/16A

SACS u/15A 15-5 Windhoek HS u/15A

Rondebosch u15A 8-20 KES u/15A

Bishops u/15A 28-6 Windhoek Gym u/15A

Milnerton u/15A 47-0 Fish Hoek u/15A

Silverhurst C

Rondebosch u/14A 24-8 KES u/14A

Milnerton u/14A 43-0 Fish Hoek u/14A

SACS u/14A 17-17 Windhoek HS u/14A

Bishops u/14A 33-26 Windhoek Gym u/14A

Wynberg u/14 Inv 5-45 Tygerberg u/14A