Oakdale Festival


The dates for the 38th Oakdale festival as well as the competing teams have been announced. The fixtures of the last two days, 18 and 20 March 2019 will only be announced after the final game was played on the previous game day, thereby ensuring strength vs strength.

To anyone, be it a player or a parent, who has ever enjoyed the privilege to visit Oakdale’s stunningly beautiful campus just outside Riversdale can testify that there is always plenty of potential for some enthralling match-ups throughout the three days.

Participating Teams 2019

Alberton, Augsburg, Bellville, Brackenfell, Brandwag (EC), Bredasdorp, Despatch, Diamantveld, Dinamika, Duineveld, Ellisras, Heidelberg Volkies, Hermanus, Hugenote, Jeugland, Kempton Park, Landboudal, Langenhoven Gim, Lichtenburg, Middelburg HTS, Montagu, Oakdale, Oosterlig, Overberg, Pionier, Potch Gim, Robertson, Rockingham (Australia), Rustenburg, Upington, Voortrekker Bethlehem and Zwartkop

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21/03/2019 - South Africa - Oakdale Team Of The Festival Announced


Fixtures 2019


Montagu 12-31 Rockingham

Die Brandwag (EP) 27-29 HTS Middelburg

Potch Gim 31-24 Despatch

Duineveld 22-19 Lichtenburg

Oakdale 29-17 Diamantveld

Ellisras 19-12 Landboudal

Upington 17-34 Grens

Voortrekker (Beth) 40-22 Zwartkop

Langenhoven Gym 36-12 Dinamika

Hugenote 18-17 Kempton Park

Agri XV 22-5 Robertson

Hermanus 21-12 Jeugland

Augsburg Gym 21-22 Bredasdorp

Alberton 26-7 Brackenfell

Bellville 61-0 Oosterlig

Vredendal 28-5 Overberg


Montagu 21-13 Landboudal

Brandwag (EC) 12-13 Diamantveld

Oakdale 0-10 San Isidro (ARG)

Ellisras 3-13 Robertson

Langenhoven Gim 22-39 Despatch

Hermanus 26-34 Potch Gim

Dinamika 3-33 Lichtenburg

Kemptonpark 15-22 Duineveld

Brackenfell 8-26 Oosterlig

Overberg 21-21 Grens

Augsburg 0-33 (Rockingham (Aus)

Hugenote (WC) 17-17 Zwartkop

Bellville 31-12 Alberton

Upington 12-40 Jeugland

Middelburg HTS 35-7 Voortrekker

Vredendal 24-5 Bredasdorp



Despatch 49-10 Bredasdorp

Diamantveld 66-17 Zwartkop

Duineveld 29-12 Pionier

Ellisras 36-7 Augsburg Gim

Hermanus 43-22 Alberton

Hugenote 28-29 Potch Gim

Kempton Park 55-5 Brackenfell

Landboudal 15-15 Overberg

Langenhoven Gim 33-22 Rockingham

Lichtenburg 34-5 Bellville

Oakdale 33-3 Middelburh HTS

Oosterlig 7-47 Afgri XV

Robertson 33-24 Grens

Upington 19-31 Dinamika

Vredendal 10-14 Montagu